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"You can't stop the waves. But you can learn to surf."

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Brian Ronnenberg, LPC, NCC, 200 RYT

Licensed Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Surf Instructor

With 9 years experience of counseling, surf therapy, and yoga instruction, I've found a very adaptive approach to mental health.  Through this variety of experience, I see healing and therapy through a different lens.  This allows us to explore a variety of options for improved mental and physical health.  These approaches could include holistic healing, EMDR, cognitive, or behavioral work.  Working with our thoughts, emotions, activities, relationships, nutrition, and beyond, allows us to identify each area of our life that is important to us and which areas may be out of balance.  

Therapeutic Specialties

Green Forest

Mindful Practice

Guided meditation, breathwork, and other forms of mindful practices give our bodies and minds a chance to shake off the stress or heaviness from the day and give us healing in a variety of ways.  Especially with the amount of time and stress people put into their careers in today's lifestyle, people are in need of a balance to keep them grounded and healthy.  Chronic stress is rampant in our culture and is something that is completely under our control with the right tools.

Crisis and Trauma

Crisis and trauma occur when we experience a difficult event and our body and mind have trouble letting go.  We can become stuck in a loop of reliving this traumatic experience and therapy is focused on processing experiences in a safe, therapeutic environment.  Trauma-focused CBT, narrative therapy, and gradual exposure are all areas of focus with evidenced-based result.

Bridge Over River
Holding Hands


Relationships come in a variety of forms and can be anything from friendship to a life partner.  When you are around someone for long enough conflict is bound to happen.  We can often begin to experience these conflicts in a cycle and may have difficulty breaking this cycle.  Healthy communication, clear expectations, and boundaries are very important.  Therapy will focus on finding common goals, identifying unhealthy patters, and practicing a new way of interacting and experiencing one another within a safe judgement free space. 

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Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression often become a cycle that is difficult to break.  The good news is that there is always a solution.  Future thinking often gives us anxiety and past thinking brings sadness or regret.  Utilizing a holistic approach allows us to identify a number of areas that may help alleviate life stressors, challenges, or difficult events, allowing us to be more content with our present situation.  Decreasing life stressors, working with past thoughts, and increasing our outlets is often a great start for feeling better and living happier.  

Meditation by the Sea

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